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Quality of Swiss Milk


Milk is a typical Swiss drink. It is an integral part of our tradition and it has excellent quality. Cows form our landscape and our nutritional milk culture. It affects our history and modernity. Therefore, milk is not just milk. She is Swiss milk.

6 Reasons to choose Swiss Milk

More than 70% of farmland in Switzerland is grassland

More than two-thirds of the agricultural area is grassland and is particularly suitable for livestock. Climate and soil conditions in Switzerland are ideal for the dairy industry. Therefore, milk production in Swiss grasslands is particularly suitable for this location.

One of the strictest animal protection laws in the world

Our cows are kept in stable systems that are particularly animal friendly and like to run regularly
Animal transport can take up to 8 hours
Swiss cows eat delicious food

A cow receives 70-100kg daily in summer, high quality native grass food (grass, clover, herb) and 2kg of concentrate food (cereals, soybeans, corn)
The feeding of genetically modified cows is prohibited
Animal powders, hormones and antibiotics to increase performance are also prohibited
In winter, cows eat 15-20kg of hay every day.
98% of Swiss farmers use organic products

98% of Swiss farmers work under ÖNN. This is the name of the certificate of ecological performance, Swiss standard for environmentally friendly agriculture.

Regular and independent control

Dairy production undergoes stringent quality control. This ensures that Swiss milk does not contain residues, such as antibiotics.

On average 25 cows have a Swiss farm family business

25 cows are very small compared to industrial livestock. Dairy farming is one of the most important sources of income for about 21,000 dairy producers working daily to produce high quality food and landscape care. Family farms comply with strict guidelines: animal welfare of cows, cleaning in cages and during processing.

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